“What then shall we say brothers…? When you come together, each of you has…” 

– 1 Cor. 14:26

!!! from spectator to participant !!!

Our Sunday Service… What to expect during your visit.

Sunday morning worship at CCC starts at 10am. It emphasizes two Biblical values that we believe result in the edification, encouragement and strengthening of anyone attending our services. The Biblical basis for what should happen during a church service is found in 1Corinthians, chapters 11-14.


Our first value is the highest value of all the activities at CCC… the Presence of God. We seek His Presence in all we do and continually pray that we will do nothing unless His Presence is with us. Encountering the Presence of God is also the best thing that can happen for all who attend our services. The Bible informs us that the Presence of God is attracted by the prayer and praise of God’s people. In the New Testament setting, the Presence of God is manifested through and by the operation of various gifts of the Holy Spirit. This leads us to the second value we pursue at our Sunday services… participation.


The Presence of God in our services is validated by a high degree of participation by those in attendance. This participation represents the manifestation of God’s presence as He ministers through and by the “many membered” Body of Christ in various expressions. These expressions include but are not limited to new songs; prophetic utterances; words of knowledge and wisdom; and other knowledge and speaking gifts.


Following is an outline of the flow of a typical Sunday morning worship service. Although this is the general format, we always attempt to allow free reign to the Holy Spirit in making adjustments.


Each Sunday, we obey the Lord’s command to examine our lives in light of His sacrifice and impending return by observing the ordinance of Communion.

Each week, different members of the CCC family share a fresh perspective on this vital provision.


During this time, we encourage all biblical expressions of praise and worship, such as clapping, lifting of hands, shouting, dancing, and bowing. Such biblical expressions usher in the presence of God which is often evidenced by the operation of various spiritual gifts. All are encouraged to participate in this portion of our service. Please see 1 Corinthians 12, 13 and 14 for more explanation.

Preaching and Teaching from the Bible:  

The forgoing portions of our worship service set the stage for ministry from the Bible. This is a time of teaching and preaching. We encourage everyone to bring a Bible and to take notes.

Prophetic Team Ministry:

Prophetic ministry for individuals is offered on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at the end of the service. Trained ministry teams will be available after the service for anyone wishing to receive this ministry. This is not a time for extended prayer, counseling, or deliverance.

Alter Prayer and Ministry:

Following each service, elders and others are available at the front of the church to pray for whoever has such needs.

Our Children Worship With Us:

Teaching children to experience praise and worship by participating with our adults is very important. We encourage parents to come up front and encourage their children to express praise and worship at each service.

Children’s Church:

Our Children’s Church offers Pre-K, and a 1st to 4th grade class. The overhead screen will signal the dismissal for Children’s Church during praise and worship at about 11:00 a.m. At this point, all children can proceed to class. Teachers will meet the children at the back of the sanctuary to escort them.

Pre-teen Discipleship:

We also have a Discipleship Class for 5th – 7th grades that is dismissed after the children.                                                


A nursery for infants through age two is located in the last room on your right as you enter the building. Paging devices are available upon check-in. 

Note: Questions?  Please do not hesitate to ask one of our pastors or contact us at 770-599-5067 or at

“We are glad you are here! Let’s experience the Presence of God together!”