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It is our desire to come alongside you to help your students become authentic, life-long disciples of Jesus who know and love God's word, have an active, growing relationship with Christ, and pursue Him passionately. We do this through weekly Bible studies, monthly small groups, and yearly at our CCC Youth Summer Camp.


In a culture where anything goes, we know it is so difficult to know right from wrong, truth from lies. We believe the Word of God provides answers for everything that we need in life: relationships, finding your purpose, making decisions—all these things and more! It is our desire to create an environment where you can build lasting relationships with others, grow in the knowledge of God's Word and in your faith, and have fun (and free food). Get connected every week as we gather to study God's Word and HAVE FUN while doing that! We know you will find authentic relationships at CCC Youth that you can keep with you for a lifetime.

CCC Youth Girl


We exist to develop youth to be authentic life-long disciples of Jesus who know and understand foundational biblical truths, have a heart for worship, and walk in step with the Holy Spirit. At CCC Youth, you will build relationships and cultivate godly friendships that are real, honest, and deep…and you'll have fun doing that! 

Teens | Image by Jessica Wilson
Teens Worshiping | Image by Simon Maage
CCC Youth Camp
Wednesday Night
Nursery (6 weeks-3 years old)
Children’s Call to the Wall Prayer Class (4 – 9 years old)

Drop-off is at 6:15 PM and pick-up is directly following the Wednesday Night Service.
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