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Church Groups, unlike Growth Groups, are open to the entire church. For more information on each Church Group, download the church app, which is used to keep group members up to date.

We invite you to explore the groups we offer—there's a place for you and your family.

Women Group Photo

This is a group of women of all ages who are running the race of faith together, from mothers, and sisters, to friends, we find strength in unity and encouragement. We have monthly brunches together, go on retreats, and do many other fun and impactful things together. If you're a woman and looking for community we'd love to have you join us! 

Youth Group Photo
Young Adult

This group is for people in a similar season in life from figuring out careers, having fellowship with other believers, and growing in God. If you are a young adult, you are more than welcome to join. We will be planning hangouts and events! Hope to see you there. 


Youth Group Photo2

This is the place to connect and know what's going on in the youth ministry of Coweta Community Church. Daniel and Brittany Leatherwood are youth pastors and are passionate about seeing a generation grow in the Lord. 

Senior Citizen Group Photo
50 & Better

This is a community of people who are 50+ loving life and sharing community. If you are 50 and up, we'd love to have you join us at our next get-together!

Father Son Group Photo
Brothers In Arms

This is a group of men who are linking arms and running the great race of faith together. We consist of fathers, brothers, and friends. Our goal is to be there for one another, encourage each other in the Lord, and strengthen each other in faith and action.  We celebrate the biblical manhood that Christ has created us to walk in!  We'd love to have you join!

Bible Study Image
Prayer Chain

Available only on the Church App, this is a group of people who recognize and value the power of prayer.  No matter how big or small the need we go first to God and contend for the Kingdom of Heaven to invade earth.  This group's goal is to be aware of any prayer needs the church body has and to agree in prayer together.  We believe that we are all called to walk in prayer and there is power when believers come into agreement.  We'd love to have you be a part of this group!

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