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We believe the church is called to inspire, equip, and mobilize believers into partnering with churches and ministries around the world as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.

Coweta Community Church has sent 30+ mission teams to numerous countries in the past decade. We also support multiple full-time missionaries, mission agencies, and international local churches with prayer, financial support, and short-term mission trips.

You may join us in missions through giving, praying, and going on short-term mission trips. To support missions financially, click on the "GIVE" tab in the menu and choose a mission project to fund. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming short-term mission trips.

The Mission

We believe all Christians are called to the same mission – the Great Commission of Jesus. This includes the proclaiming of the gospel (Mark 16:15) and the making of disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). We believe we must be intentional to fulfill this in our community (Jerusalem), our region (Judea), across cultural lines (Samaria), and internationally (the ends of the earth) – Acts 1:8. We are committed to serving the Lord within our local church, our community, our region, our country, and even the ends of the earth. We are especially mindful to care “for the least of these.” (Matthew 25:40)

CCCG gives integral care to around 2,000 kids in the country, helping in spiritual, educational, nutritional, and health development. They provide true breakfast, medical care, water resources, clinics, schools, churches, sanitation programs, etc. They teach the kids skills that will be useful in the future such as English, mechanics, welding, and agricultural skills. CCCG works with teams who sponsor the ministry in different areas such as construction, education, medical and dental care, training, vacation camps, etc. They provide spiritual growth not just for the kids but for all the people who work with the ministry and make this possible. They do this through small cell groups where they split all the work and help build community relationships.

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CCCG (Guatemala)
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Frontline Missions

Frontline Missions actively develops and cultivates dynamic partnerships within the global church to empower and equip leaders to reach their nations for Christ. Through creative solutions such as Bible Storying, leadership training and economic development, entire communities encounter the transformative power of the Gospel.

Hope For Iraq

Hope4Iraq is a Global Hope’s humanitarian response to violence in the Middle East. They are committed to bringing hope and freedom to victims of conflict.

International Friends of Compassion (Indonesia) -

IFC is an American based aid organization that has been providing assistance to the poor and displaced people in Indonesia. Work has been focused on Sulawesi and North Maluku since 2000. IFC seeks to improve the health and future of the people of these regions. In 2004, 75 acres of land were purchased on the island of Halmahera to build a medical base. Since then the base has developed into a place of care and hope.

Local Churches in and around
Santa Marta, Colombia

Frontline Missions has partnered with pastors and leaders in Santa Marta, Colombia with a strong desire to see their city impacted for Christ. Since 2015, they have provided leadership training for pastors and leaders and have taken short-term teams to train and equip congregations for the mission of the Gospel.

Operation Mobilization

OM has 5,000+ workers, representing more than 100 nationalities, serving in the OM family of ministries, bringing God’s unchanging truth to literally millions every year. OM believes no single organization can accomplish the mission alone. But unified behind a single vision, each believer doing their part and seeking God’s guidance, we are convinced the trajectory of the unreached can be transformed and the Great Commission fulfilled in this generation.

Tamar Center in Thailand

Tamar Center was founded in 1999 and seeks to provide hope in a city full of red-light districts. They work to provide healing through love, counseling based on biblical principles and provide education through vocational training as well as job opportunities for girls leaving the bars.

Marjorie Garrean
The Tamar Center

Marjorie Garrean serves full time at the Tamar Center in Thailand. Her ministry consists of helping rescue women and girls out of the bars and out of sex trafficking, while teaching them trades so they can provide for themselves and their families. She is also overseeing the construction of a bed and breakfast which will allow the girls to serve in the tourist industry, continuing to further their career skills. Marj is from Newnan and is a part of our CCC family.

Frank Fortunato
Operation Mobilization

Frank Fortunato has served in music ministry his entire lifetime. After several years teaching music courses in Bible colleges, he began ministry with Operation Mobilization serving as a music missionary for many years on board the two mission ships of Operation Mobilization and sending teams around the world to help believers to connect with their indigenous expressions of worship. . He now serves as the OM International Worship Consultant, leads worship at local churches, and teaches piano and music theory to private students. Frank’s wife Berit comes from Sweden. The Fortunatos have two grown children, two adopted children from India, and four grandchildren.

Frank and Naphtalie Seamster

Frank and Naphtali Seamster evangelize throughout the states and to nations, preaching the prophetic Word of the power of God to transform lives. Their desire and focus is to see the kingdom reign of Christ rule in the hearts of His Body so "that in all things He might have the preeminence." Col. 1:18 

Richard Sharp
Operation Mobilization

Hailing from England, Richard has served as a missionary in India and in leadership aboard Operation Mobilization's (OM) international ministry ships and preached the gospel in nearly 100 countries. While onboard, he met Rachel, from Colorado who assists him and has a ministry of prayer, encouragement and hospitality. They have two grown sons, Simon and Jonathan, and are based in Tyrone, Georgia, with OM USA. Richard has a Masters of Divinity and has served on church leadership teams in England, Canada and the USA. His passion is to go around the world with 'One Wish' -- an approach he has developed to equip God's people to help others begin and grow in a friendship with God.

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